Skin Cancer Screening

About Skin Cancer Screenings

According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer within their lifetime. Early detection and treatment are critical to curing skin cancer successfully.

Our Dermatologists understand that finding a strange mole or freckle on your body can be scary. We also understand that you may not know what you should be looking for during self-examination. To ensure that any areas of concern are caught early and treated in the most effective manner, we offer skin cancer screenings and Mohs surgery.

What To Expect

Skin cancer screenings typically take about 15 minutes, during which our Dermatologists will visually examine you from head to toe, looking at moles, freckles, birthmarks and other areas of irregular pigmentation. They will be on the lookout for abnormal size, shape, color and texture, as well as any patches of skin that look irregular. If our Dermatologists find something out of the ordinary, they will discuss treatment options with you. They will remove it during the screening.

Skin cancer screenings have the potential to save a life by catching problems in their earliest manifestations.

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