MOHS Surgery

About MOHS Surgery

Mohs surgery is a treatment option recommended for certain types of skin cancer. Mohs surgery should only be performed by a Dermatologist with specialized training in the procedure.

Mohs surgery has a very high cure rate for many types of skin cancer (as high as 98-99 percent). The technique also minimizes the size and appearance of the surgical scar. It can treat skin cancer on the face, hands, scalp, feet, genitals and other areas of the body.

What To Expect

During Mohs surgery, the surgeon removes the visible skin cancer and the layers of adjacent skin and soft tissue. The excised tissue is examined under a microscope to look for cancer cells. The surgeon continues to excise the tissue sequentially until there is no evidence of cancer cells. The surgeon repairs the wound to preserve form and function.

Our team works closely with a Mohs surgeon who has the experience and ability to handle your case successfully. He will perform the procedure under local anesthesia in our offices.

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