About Latisse

Looking for thicker, lusher eyelashes? We offer a topical product called Latisse, which can increase the length, thickness and darkness of lashes. Latisse is FDA approved for safety and is available by prescription only. It should be applied to the eyelash line nightly. Results can be seen after a few weeks, with the most noticeable difference occurring at approximately 16 weeks.

About Our Products

Our experienced Dermatologists feel confident in our abilities to recommend the most effective skin care products to our patients. We are particularly interested in curating product regimens tailored around your specific goals (e.g., anti-aging, acne-fighting). We have the advantage of hearing directly from our current patients about what does and does not work for their skin; we also keep up with industry best practices through our involvement with professional associations.

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Call us at 203-847-2400 for the Norwalk office or 203-375-8200 for the Stratford office. During your appointment you can learn about the many cosmetic Dermatology treatments we offer, including Latisse, acne treatment and vein treatments.